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Changzhou Longer Electronics company is a leading company in developing the solution of universal remote control(URC) and programmable remote control(PRC) all over the asia,even the world.
From 2014, Longer started to develop IOT products, including wifi module,IOT product, App and cloud server.
Longer remote control contains:
(1) USB/IR programmable remote control.
(2) USB programmable remote control.
(3) IR/Audio programmable remote control.
(4) Universal remote control with learning.
(5) Fixed-code and programmable remote control with learning.

IOT product contains:
(1) Thermostat.
(2) AC touch panel.
(3) AC socket.
(4) AC adaptor.
(5) LED driver and lamp.

Besides, Longer have some solutions.
(1) wifi-IR extender solution.
(2) Bluetooth-IR extender solution.
(3) Central controlled temperature management system.
(4) Smarthome management system.

  • Thermostat
  • Electric Heating
  • Water Heating
  • Fan Coil Unit Controller
  • HVAC Solution
  • Central Controlled Heating System
  • Central Controlled AC System
  • WIFI AC Switch and Socket
  • Normal AC Touch Panel
  • WIFI AC Touch Panel
  • WIFI AC Socket
  • WIFI AC Adaptor
  • Smarthome App
  • Smarthome App
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  • Longer will attend Spring HKTD
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